How to Check the Server’s Disk Space using SSH?

Finding Disk Space via SSh
Checking Avaliable Disk Space

¬†What is the Server’s Disk Space?

Disk Space is the total number of bytes that a disk drive or disc is capable of holding. Disk Space is usually measured in Kilobytes(Kb), Megabytes(Mb), Gigabytes(Gb) or terabytes(Tb).

What is SSH?

SSH (Secure Socket Shell) is a network protocol for authenticating and encrypting remote shell sessions. SSH helps in log in to the remote system without any password.Security and authentication are provided by a pair of encrypted SSL keys(private key and public key).

How to Check the Server’s Disk Space?

SSH helps to run a command or start a program on the remote system without logging in it.

Syntax for running command on the remote host is ssh [email protected] command

To know about the disk space, use the command ssh [email protected] df-k

This command shows the available space on the remote system.



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