What is Uplink Speed?

An uplink is a connection from a device or a smaller local network to a larger network. Some Ethernet computer networking equipment contains an uplink port. The uplink ports simplify the connection between Ethernet devices such as linking a local home network to a modem and the Internet. The speed of the uplink port for the dedicated server depends upon the usage of the server. Most of the organizations use 100 Mbps speed. This speed suits for the majority of the Internet, VOIP, and basic application servers. For servers with a heavy traffic flow or for heavy application servers, 1000 Mbps speed is necessary.

How to Check your Server Uplink Speed via SSH?

Server’s Uplink speed can be checked by using ethtool. Ethtool is a utility for Linux Kernel-based operating system for displaying and modifying some parameters of Network Interface Controllers and their device drivers. Ethtool is developed parallel to the Linux kernel.

The ethtool is used for querying settings of an ethernet device and changing them.

ethX is the name of the ethernet device to work on.

The command used to check the server’s uplink speed is ethtool eth0

When this command is executed with the device name, it displays the information about ethernet devices such as its speed, wake on, duplex and link detection status.