To Change FTP Password in cPanel

To Change FTP Password

Change FTP Password in cPanel

This article will guide you in changing your FTP password in cPanel. At some occasions you need to change your FTP account password because of various reasons such as hacking attempt, security threats, so follow these steps to change your FTP password.

Step 1: Login to cPanel

Step 2: Under the section File, click FTP Accounts

Step 3: In the existing FTP account, select the option Change Password 

Step 4: Reset the password with the help of Password Generator and click the option Change Password

Step 5: Once the password is changed, a successful message will be displayed

Step 1Login to cPanel.
Step 2 Click FTP Accounts under file section. This interface will allow you to perform FTP related operations.
Select the FTP Account Option Under File Manager Section

FTP Account Option

Step 3 Now navigate under FTP account section where you cans ee you existing FTP account details and click on change password of an existing FTP Account.
Navigate to the FTP Accout and Select Change Password

Select Change Password

Step 4 Now you can change or reset your password, type the New password in the two text boxes and Click on Change Password. You are recommended to use Password Generator tool.
Select the Password Generator

Password Generator


Click the Change Password Button

Change Password Button

Step 5 You have successfully changed the password. Once the password has been changed the green bar will display with a successful message.
Password Change Successful message

Successful message

Step 6 Done!

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