The Linux kernel is an operating system (OS) kernel defined as Unix-like nature. It can run on numerous different platforms including the Intel and Alpha platform. It is available under the GNU General Public License.


The CageFS is developed by CloudLinux OS which is exclusively used for Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated servers. The main motivation of CageFS is to secure the account and the servers. A properly secured environment is essential for everyone in hosting. The Cagefsctl is used to manage CageFS. It allows users to initialize and update CageFS, as well as enable/disable CageFS for individual users.

Usage: /usr/sbin/cagefsctl [OPTIONS]

-r  --reinit - reinitializes CageFS (make a backup and recreate CageFS)
-u  --update – the files can be updated in CageFS (add new and modified files to CageFS, remove unneeded files)
--update-etc - update /etc template only
-f  --force – recreates the CageFS (do not make a backup, overwrite existing files)
-d  --dont-clean - do not delete any files from skeleton (use with –update option)
-k  --hardlink – use hardlinks if possible
--create-mp – creates /etc/cagefs/ file
--disable – disables CageFS for the user
--enable-all – enables all the users, except specified in /etc/cagefs/users.disabled
--disable-all – disables all the users, except specified in /etc/cagefs/users.enabled
--display-user-mode – displays the current mode (“Enable All” or “Disable All”)
--toggle-mode – toggle mode saves the current lists of users, (lists of enabled and disabled users remain unchanged)
--list-enabled – lists the enabled users.

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