BoxTrapper filters the spam emails from inbox in cPanel. It works through challenge-response verification. When an email is sent to an account that has enabled BoxTrapper, it will automatically send a verification email in response. The sender must verify to the mail before the email reaches the inbox. If the sender fails to do verification, then the message will not be delivered to the inbox. After a period of time, the system automatically deletes the spam.

Steps to Enable BoxTrapper in cPanel:

1. Login to cPanel

2. Under the section Email, click BoxTrapper

3. Click Manage for the account in which modification is necessary

4. Click ‘Enable’ to enable BoxTrapper for the account and configure the settings

Configuration Settings for BoxTrapper:

1. Configure Settings:

  • In this section, specify the email addresses that forward mail to the account by separating it with commas.
  • Enter the name, the number of days to keep logs and messages and the minimum spam assassin score in the text box. enable or disable automatic whitelisting by clicking the check box.
  • Enable or Disable automatic whitelisting by clicking the check box.
  • Enable or Disable the automatically whitelist the To and From whitelisted senders by clicking the checkbox.
  • Click ‘Save’ to finalize the settings.

2. Edit Confirmation Settings:

The Box-Trapper enabled account can change the responses after sending a message with edit confirmation settings. It has the following options

  • verify – It responds with the message when an address sends a message which is not on the whitelist or blacklist. It sends the message and requests a response to confirm the legitimate sender.
  • blacklist – It responds with a message when a blacklisted address sends a mail.
  • returnverify – It responds with a message when the verification process is failed.
  • verifyreleased – It responds with a message when the sender verifies with an email or a click on the verification link.

3. Edit Whitelist/Blacklist/Ignore Lists:

This list allows you to permit, deny, and ignore email messages from certain accounts.

Whitelist allows the messages directly to the inbox.

Ignore list deletes the messages without notification.

Blacklist blocks the images to the inbox and the sender receives a notification that the message was blocked.

To edit the Whitelist/Ignore list/Blacklist, select the list which is to be modified and enter the messages, subjects, or email addresses that need to be filtered and save it.

4. Forward list:

Forward list forwards emails to the specified address. Enter the email addresses for which is to be forwarded and save it.

5. Review Log:

Review log displays an overview of all messages received to the mail accounts on a daily basis.

6. Review Queue:

Review Queue helps in viewing the messages which are waiting for verification.

To view the contents of a message, click the email’s sender, subject, or date to see the entire message.

To deliver or delete emails, select the checkbox for the day and it can be deleted or delivered by clicking the checkbox.

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