Boost Your Website Performance with CloudFlare

Boost performance with CloudFlare


ServerCake is a certified partner with CloudFlare to provide the best hosting solution to the clients. For the safe and faster websites, choosing CloudFlare is the best option. CloudFlare provides outstanding features to make the website perform better without any downtime. It uses CloudFlare CDN, CloudFlare security, CloudFlare optimizer, CloudFlare analytics and CloudFlare apps.

The main goal of Cloudflare is to speed-up and secure the website. It works on both static and dynamic content. Adding a website to a CloudFlare takes only a few minutes and no need to install any software or hardware and also no need changing any code in your files, just you need to change DNS settings, and if you are not satisfied, it is easy to turn off CloudFlare.                              

CloudFlare CDN:

CDN is abbreviated as Content Delivery Network. CDN automatically catches the static files which include javascript, CSS files, images etc.. and stores it, so that if the visitor is requesting the content from the web server the data is available closer to them and loads faster. We no need to configure which files to get cached, CloudFlare makes files get cached based on the traffic.

CloudFlare uses a special feature called Anycast by which the users are routed to the nearest data center. Hence, the websites loads fast whatever may be geographic location of the visitor may be.

If your server goes offline for some reason, CloudFlare helps to display website using the cached files. CloudFlare keeps ready with an always-online version of your website including the popular pages of your website so that the website will be online always. CloudFlare is more compatible. If you are already using a CDN, CloudFlare works as a compliment. It improves the load time for the users who are accessing your static and dynamic web content. Every website with high traffic on the internet uses CDN.

CloudFlare Optimizer:

If the page loads slow, the visitor will leave the website immediately. In order to make the website loads fast, every page should optimize. CloudFlare optimizes each and every page of your website to minimize the number of network connections and combines the multiple JavaScripts into the single one.

Cloudflare removes unnecessary characters in HTML, CSS, and Javascript and saves 20% of file size. There is no hardware or software installation for using CloudFlare optimizer just have to change the DNS settings. It not only provides the page optimization but also provides browser optimization in which the website looks similar irrespective of devices and browsers used to view the website. It boosts the performance of all the websites along with their third-party widgets and tools.

CloudFlare Security:

Nowadays security is the challenging thing for every website owners.The common website threats will be malware attacks, spam emails which make IP get blacklisted, SQL injection, DDoS attacks, etc. CloudFlare protects your website from all those threats from suspicious visitors.

It continuously monitors your website and detects if any new attack arises. And also it gives you the complete list of threats that tried to reach your website in a country, type and severity order. CloudFlare prevents your website from the following list of attacks,

  1. Cross-Site Scripting
  2. SQL Injection
  3. Spam
  4. Excessive bot crawling
  5. Email Harvesters

There is an option to add IP’s in trust or blacklist so that you can stop unauthorized visitors to your website. By stopping the unwanted visitors, you can save the bandwidth.With CloudFlare features, ServerCake provides the maximum level of security to each and every client.

CloudFlare Analytics:

CloudFlare provides the complete analytics of insights to your website. It does not give the list of insights and also it provides the report on threats and search engine crawlers.

With that, you can easily avoid the unwanted visits to your website thus by saving the resource.Sometimes threats and crawlers also increase your website traffic.So the analytics report helps to avoid that website traffic.

The geographic location of the visitor is also mentioned so that you can come to know from which place your website is getting more views and in turn helps to market your business in that specific country.

CloudFlare Apps:

CloudFlare Apps can be installed across any cms in one click. Adding additional features to your website increases your visitors count so that you can get more clients for your business. CloudFlare helps to integrate apps in a simple manner.

If you are using apps, CloudFlare updates it automatically when new versions are coming into existence. So there won’t be an upgradation issue with your installed apps.Every website consists of many apps, widgets,etc.. CloudFlare CDN is using the advanced technologies like Solid State drives, Anycast routing, geo load balancing etc for improving speed and efficiency of the website.

CloudFlare plays a vital role in today’s hosting industry to protect websites from various vulnerabilities like malware, spam, SQL injection, etc.. and to improve the performance of the website by reducing the bandwidth usage, increasing the speed and making the website available online always without any downtime. Thus, ServerCake hosting solution provides you better hosting experience with these advanced functionalities. Your website loads faster uses less bandwidth and mainly it’s more secure.


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