Basic knowledge for hosting a website


Knowledge of hosting a website

Domain name:

A domain name is a website name. A domain name is an address where Internet users can access the website. It is used for finding and identifying the computers on the Internet.

Choose a domain name:

First, you have to decide the domain name. The domain name should be unique and different. The domain name is used for searching your website. The website displays the content from the web servers using the domain name. The domain name looks like www.domainname.ext. The World Wide Web is a document and other web resources are identified by URLs. The Universal Resource Locator is used in the address bar in the browser. There are many browsers available to surf the internet for the information. Extension for the domain name is selected by your requirement. The domain extension is classified into Top Level Domains(TLD) -> (.com, .info, .net, .org and etc.,) and then country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) -> (.in, .uk, .sl and etc.,). After choosing the domain name, register it with domain registrars.
Finally, register a domain name. Then you need a website for your domain name. Decide the content on the website such as No. of. Pages, files such as images, videos, music, sound, text, graphics and etc., These contents are stored in the web server and it will be retrieved every time you request for your website. Ensure that your website is hosted on the best hosting provider. Then your website is accessible by the people all over the world.

Choose a right hosting provider:

Selecting the best and right hosting plan is quite difficult for a newcomer. We want to clarify the web hosting preliminary technical stuff and different hosting plans available. Before going to the hosting plan, some basic stuff and technical things should be clarified and then the background information may help you to decide the best hosting plan.

Popular Web Hosting Operating System:

In web hosting industry there are two platform

  1. Linux
  2. Windows

Both support programming or scripting languages are designed to work within their system. For example

  1. Linux -> It supports PHP programming.
  2. Windows -> It supports or CloudFusion.

Both Linux and Windows hosting supports the Hypertext Markup Language(HTML), Cascading Style Sheet(CSS), JavaScript(JS). These languages are basic and integrated with all server-side scripting languages like PHP and It will work fine with both hosting platform and programming language. There are some Content Management System is available to develop the website and blogs easily in the Linux. Such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart and much more. These are available and works on the Linux hosting. This content management system is coded in PHP and it is recommending to installed in the Linux-based hosting plan.

Programming Language:

The programming Language is used to code. The coding finally gives the output. The output is displayed in the web browser. In the website or web pages you need to place some image, text, and some graphics etc., you can do it yourself or hire a web developer to do these kinds of stuff. Along with the text, images, include the JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheet and Hypertext Markup Language for at least slideshow the content in a web page. For a dynamic website, it may involve many process and transactions such as database manipulations and credit/debit card money transactions. So you may want to consider hiring a web developer, otherwise, it could take you bit more time to complete the process.

Website designing by yourself:

Sure! you can develop your own website. The hosting providers are enabling the feature, the site builders. It is helpful to build your own website. It had pre-designed templates within it. You can choose the specific template and then edit it as you like. You might also consider the Content Management System(CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc., These are having some maintenance process than the site builder application. If you want to use the CMS, then you have to learn the process of building website step by step and implement it in your website building.

Hiring a Web Developer:

If it is a small business or organization and does not need the web developer to be hired in our company or organization. We are going to develop a website once a year or some long time only. So we strongly suggest to best web designing companies they are developing websites for other and their own customer. If you need the website with day to day update and much more functionalities, you can hire a web designer or web programmer. In other instance, you have to hire the graphic designer to place the attractive poster and banner etc., on your website to get more viewers.


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