In cPanel, the Backup wizard is a user-friendly interface for creating and restoring backups. The backup can be done for the entire website fully or for a part of the website. Likewise, the backup files can be restored. The backup files can be downloaded to the local machine or transferred to a remote server via FTP. The Backup wizard can be found under the Files section of the cPanel. This feature will be useful for taking local backups during server migration.


The backup is used to copy a website fully or partially. The full backup can be done for the entire account which includes Files, Databases, SSL Certificate, Email accounts, Configuration files and etc. The system will include the following details in the backup file. They are

  • The home directory
  • Email forwarder configurations
  • Email filter configurations
  • MySQL Databases

Generating Full Backup:

A full backup can be done by clicking the option ‘Full Backup’. By default, the full cPanel backup will be saved in the home directory. The Backup Destination option should be chosen when want to change the location of the backup. The alert can be sent after the completion of backup to the specified email address. Click ‘Generate Backup’ for proceeding the backup.

Generating Partial Backup:

The partial backups of Files, Databases, Email forwarders and filters can be done as separate backup archives and the backups can be stored on the local machine. The specific file types are used for the partial backup types such as .sql for MySQL Databases, .tar.gz for home directory, .net and .com for Email forwarders and filters.


All the backup files can be restored by using this option. The existing backup of a file can be restored by using the option upload. The system can restore the home directory, Email forwarder configurations, MySQL databases and Email filter configurations.

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