Before we start with web hosting features, we should know about web hosting. The web hosting is a service that providing web space for accessing and managing your website. If you want a website, then you should have a hosting space. Using this hosting space, you can manage your website contents easily. All these hosting spaces are categorized depending upon the user requirements such as Shared, Reseller, VPS and dedicated servers.

Along with the hosting spaces, the clients or web developers are availed with features to make their hosting easy and convenient. The normal website or e-commerce website or any kind of personal blogs are provided with both limited & unlimited features based on the requirements. ServerCake provides you the best and advanced web hosting features for your easy and secure usage.

Common Web Hosting Features

Disk Storage:

Disk storage is one of the most needed web hosting feature. It’s a method of mechanical storage systems where the website data content is recorded and stored by the electronical and mechanical changes of the surface layer.

Normally in hosting process, the space provided to a website as per the space required for the site.The disk space availed for the website depending on the usage of their web business. For example, the personal bloggers will have their requirements such as 500MB-5GB. But if they want to resell that space or run as a web hosting business then that would require another 4GB RAM.

Most of the hosting providers use HDD (Hard Disk Drive) for storage management. But ServerCake provides SSD Hosting with high speed where your website will respond in milliseconds. To know the difference and performance of the SSD, then follow this article SSD vs HDD comparison.


Bandwidth is simply the data transfer speed in your network connection. It’s a range of frequencies or wavelength within a band used to transmit signal. It normally defined as Bps (bits per second), Gbps (gigabits per second).

Your website might hamper if you have the lesser bandwidth. The data transferred from the website through a network has calculated. The lesser bandwidth makes your website unavailable for the users if bandwidth is not used properly.

The web hosting customers are normally provided with 1000GB-unlimited bandwidth for the website to manage their data transfer speed. The user can change the bandwidth If his resources exceed the limits.

Email Accounts:

For normal business often email communication is required for information interchange. The Email accounts in the web hosting are handled through cPanel in which you can create the email accounts and set their limitation like (250MB) for your business domains.

This email accounts are provided to the customers as unlimited for their convenience and manage the email accounts. But the reseller has to be very careful when they provide this unlimited option as it blocked sometimes if it exceeds the storage limit. The ServerCake sends a notification mail when you utilize the full feature option and recommended to upgrade the next plans.

cPanel accounts:

Web hosting features are included in the main area called cPanel. The cPanel account is created in the web hosting to give the technical and manage support for the corresponding domain, database, security, and emails. cPanel is the control panel with multiple tool options like files, databases, domain, security, and software. To manage all these stuff by using the cPanel account is created by the hosting providers and the credentials are given to the customers to manage.

FTP accounts:

This FTP account is enabling the FTP services from your web hosting service providers for transferring the files through FileZilla. This option is enabled by cPanel in your hosting account. This FTP option is also a backup solution for your hosting files. It is used for uploading and managing the files on the website. The users can also access their hosting account via FTP with default cPanel username and password.

Mysql Database:

By creating a MySQL database, you can edit and manage your contents in the database. Mysql is added through cPanel. The clients will be provided in numbers like 5 Mysql Database to manage their website content. The MySQL database is mostly notified because of its flexibility and easy use, reliability. As your web page has to manage the content and tables highly recommended to have the MySQL database

Website or domain:

The number of domains may direct to the same website. The web hosting providers serves the website from normal 1 to unlimited domains as per the plan requirement.

If you have any blogging friends as web developers, small vendors then you together can go for a shared plan as it will have up to 3 domains. But a person who is developing his business is referred to choose reseller, VPS dedicated as per their requirement and economic worth.

Parked Domain:

It is a domain name points to your primary website in your web hosting account. This is done to reserve the domain name for the future business development and protecting against cybersquatting. You can add the domain as subdomain in your cPanel account.

For example, if is your primary Website then you can purchase and assign as parked domain. If a visitor can see your website when they enter both and

Addon domain:

You can create multiple domains in same web hosting account. You can have and then a as an add-on domain. The will stand as a separate website. The visitors will not aware that it is displayed from the same web hosting account. For an Addon domain also we can create the email address and the forwarders, auto responders, i.e, whatever you have done for the primary domain name. This addon domain helps the people who have multiple websites and handling it under one account.


A subdomain has a part of your domain name like from It will act as a separate website and will redirect your website to the payment page content. We can add subdomains from your primary domain name. The website holders can manage their website by giving a different look for visitors.

All these Parked, Addon, sub domains are provided by the services in number and space allowed for the website content. Sometimes if we create multiple contents in your website then you have to manage the website traffic load.

Account Transfer:

The account transfer is nothing but transferring the web hosting account from one web hosting provider to another. When you do this you should have to move the files and database, email and other scripts whatever you have managed under your account.

This transfer is normally done by web hosting providers by free of cost. The ServerCake does the same by zero-downtime. For transferring the files from FTP by installing FileZilla through that you can move all your files from the database of old web hosting providers.

Please note that if you are transferring the web hosting accounts then you should immediately close the account from the older one as sometimes they might terminate your account.

Database & infrastructure:

When you purchase a dedicated server then you have to consider the RAM capacity and CPU definition, you should have dedicated IP address for the servers. The ServerCake provides the best hosting environment to your server by i7-quad core. So you will get a faster CPU performance from Core i7 than Core i5. It is more efficient and powerful than the core i5 because of its advanced features. Our service provides a Quad-core processor with Intel Hyper-Threading Technology. This technology used to increase the performance of multithreaded tasks. The Core i7 has more capabilities than Core i5 CPUs.


We use DDR3 RAM the latest variant of a memory computing modern type of dynamic random-access memory with a high bandwidth interface. DDR3 components are faster than DDR2 memory products. 64-bit wide range DDR3 module performs the transfer rate upto 64 times at a speed Mhz in MB/s. DDR3 operates in 1.5 Volts so the consumer will know the difference between the DDR2 and DDR3. DDR3 supports up to 800 to 2133 MT/s. This memory transfer helps to run more powerful processors and more capable devices.

Network Redundancy:

Network redundancy is ensuring the network availability when a network device path is a failure or unavailable. The ServerCake provides both network and data redundancy for your web hosting as our data center is highly monitored by the advanced level technicians. Our serviced people’s work for 24×7 for 365 days to safe your website and balance the load.

Web Hosting Features for Security

SSH access:

SSH access is root access provided through cPanel to access your account from the remote system in a secure manner by using the private key. By using SSH you can also create backups.

SSH access is blocked for reseller or shared server for sharing. This access enabled VPS as it works in a virtual environment and a dedicated server as individual servers for the clients.

SSL Certificate:

The SSL encrypts the communication between the web browser and the server. That helps to avoid unwanted visits to your website. This SSL is varied depends upon the cost and the usage.

By default, ServerCake provides cPanel along with SSL installed as shared environment. The business people can use organizational, extended if they are handling any e-commerce website as it more worth than the other ones. It can be used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer, and logins.

Softaculous Apps Installer:

Using Softaculous Apps Installer in cPanel, the account user can install the applications with just a click instead of installing it manually. It is an auto script installer which can install PHP, JavaScript, CMS, Perl applications and many more. This feature can automatically install applications and also can create a backup of the applications which can be restored to the account later.

Other Security Related Web Hosting Features:

We have other features like Hotlink Protection, Leech protection, Virus scanners and IP Blocker where you can protect your website by allowing some limited IPs, the number of visitors gone through your website. You can check all these all web hosting features in cPanel.

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