Add and Delete MIME types in cPane

Add and Delete MIME Types

Add and Delete MIME Type in cPanel

This article will guide you to create a new MIME Type in cPanel. In a web browser, files will be displayed and processed in various extensions according to its file type such as .pdf. MIME Type is used to set or specify the file type of a particular file to be processed in a web browser. That options, tell the browsers how to handle certain file extensions. You can add or modify file types specifically for your website. With the help of MIME technique, each and every extension should be processed in the web browser.

To create and delete a MIME Type in cPanel, follow these steps:

Step 1: Login to cPanel

Step 2: Select the option MIME Types under the section Advanced

Step 3: For adding a MIME Type, enter the valid type and its extension. Then click the option “Add”

Step 4: A successful message with the required MIME Type will be added

Step 5: The added MIME Type is displayed in the user defined MIME Types

Step 6: For deleting a MIME Type, click the option Delete on Actions

Step 7: Click the option ‘Delete MIME Type’ for removing the MIME Type

Step 8 A successful message of the removal of MIME type will be displayed

Step 1 Login to cPanel. via domain name URL, otherwise, you can use our server URL to access your cPanel.
Step 2 Once you logged into your cPanel. The list of sections such as domain, Database, and file manager shows your home page. Click MIME option under Advanced section.
Select the MIME Type Option

MIME Type Option

Step 3 In the first text box, Add a valid type such as application/pdf etc., and second text box, Enter a valid file extension here then click “Add” button.
Enter the MIME Type and Its Extension

Enter the MIME Types and Its Extension

Step 4 Done. Now you have completed the process and the required file type has been updated from your cPanel.
MIME Type Added Successful Message

Successful Message

Step 5 The added MIME Type can be viewed in User Defined MIME Types.
View the List of User Define MIME Types

User Define MIME Types

Step 6 For deleting the MIME Type on cPanel, click the option Delete on Actions.
Click the Delete Button

Delete Button to Remove

Step 7 Click the option ‘Delete MIME Type’ for removing the MIME Type.
Click the Delete MIME Type Button

Click the button to remove

Step 8 A successful message of the removal of MIME type will be displayed.
Success Message for Deleting MIME Types on cPanel

Success Message for Removal of MIME

The advantage of MIME:

MIME Type will help you to present files in the web browser in its real format. You can set up any type or extension for a file by using this option in cPanel. This feature will provide you the wide options of presenting various file extensions in a web browser. You can modify, even delete a type if that is not needed any longer. In simple words, MIME type will give you the freedom to show different file formats in a web browser.

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